What is the SFI concept and how can it be simplified?

Actually the SFI business in the network marketing concept is the most simplest of concepts. Yes it may seem a bit overwhelming with all the emails one receives when he/she joins the business, but this is all part of the welcoming and greeting process and this must be understood. Of course there is a lot to learn especially when one is new to the business, but if we follow the path SFI suggests, the process is quite simple.

In this post we are not learning the SFI Evolution, but our post is based on the assumption that an affiliate has already read that. What we will ponder on, is what is the SFI business all about and what we can do to succeed in this business?

SFI business put in simple terms is an online people to people direct sales business. There is only one definition of the direct sales business, but is interpreted in different ways and surely there are different ways of doing it. Some may understand it as a door to door sales business or even a recruitment based business. The actual business is a lot more than these interpretations, but a very simple concept though.


With the above schematic, it is evidently clear that SFI with its website Tripleclicks.com places products for sale by itself, E-Commerce Associates (People like you and me who can become ECA’s selling products or services) & Triplelicks Members and earns a commission on the sales which are then distributed to affiliates who have enabled these sales by advertising to “You”. You too by the same virtue can earn commissions as the person who has introduced this concept to you does.

Therefore the procedure is simple, just introduce people to the business and get them to join for free using any of the url’s available at the affiliate center at –  My Gateways

These urls have an embedded affiliate ID which will help SFI identify that the particular person was referred by you once he/she signs up using the particular url that you have provided.

There are numerous ways to get the word out and the Marketing tab will give you all the information necessary besides any other way that the internet offers such as print media, post media, emails, word of mouth (face to face), social media etc. You may also ask the person who has introduced you for help or look for help at The Forum or you can also get help from SFI Support. Read good motivational books, try to learn new ways of marketing and advertising, be innovative and find your own niche for marketing. This will not only help you understand the ground work, but will also prepare you to become a good leader and mind you, to be successful in this business “Leadership” is the most important ingredient.

Brian Mario Fernandes.


  1. Hleziphi zungu says:

    Greeting all I want to join this business actually I’ve had about it many times even in radio stationa which is highways radio, plc i wanna register.

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