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We at Learn2profit believe that success can be achieved only if we have a direction and focus combined with a tried and tested strategy to attain it.

In our experience, we see that most people fail because they lack this understanding and spend their most valuable financial resources on material things that are mostly not directed towards business building. It is alright to spend money on your store at Tripleclicks but we advise to spend at least 80% of those resources on Team/Business Building Efforts at least until we attain the rank of DTL(Diamond Team Leader).

Below is a detailed presentation that shows examples of Step by Step advancement in the SFI business right up to DTL(Diamond Team Leader) based on the “ultra simple 3 step plan” at SFI:

  1. Become an EA and retain it every month.
  2. Recruit 5 Serious Affiliates.
  3. Teach them to do the same.

You may encounter errors in figures which are purely human in nature but it is important to get the gist of the plan called “Success In Steps”

A Brief summary of the plan is as follows:

  1. When you get 1 EA under you, get him to EA2 by sharing with him this plan.
  2. When you get him to EA2, hit BTL according to the prescribed example.
  3. When you get 2 BTL’s, hit STL according to the prescribed example.
  4. When you get 3 STL’s, hit GTL according to the prescribed example.
  5. When you get 4 GTL’s, hit PTL according to the prescribed example.
  6. When you get 5 PTL’s, you automatically hit DTL.

Remember, hitting ranks will be a motivation for your team members and therefore, it should be your endeavour to hit them for the betterment of your business as this will build the momentum.

This much is sure if Success In Steps is followed by the book, you and everyone who follows it would be on SFI Fast Track.

Tip: When you move from Step to Step, you permanently inherit the values of the TIP’s shared at each Step.

Download (PDF, 336KB)

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