Online income just like any other income, is for real. Many of us do not believe this, mainly due to the various online scams and pyramid schemes which promise you a lot of earnings and whose earnings come from new recruits and once the new recruits stop coming in, the entire line of sponsorship suffers and this is true of most pyramid schemes which rely primarily on new recruits.

Of course new recruitment is important, but if the basis of this is something which is only subscription based, then there is a problem. New recruitment coupled with a true e-commerce platform such as SFI gives an online business the impetus to survive within a legal frame work and this is evident of the fact that SFI has been in business since 1998 and growing by the day with daily enrollments of 3000+.

Also the SFI business is not a pyramid scheme where there are limits for widthwise recruitment, infact with SFI you can get as many affiliate widthwise as you please, enabling you many possibilities to earn. Also the SFI affiliate center has a rich university for online education which is freely available to all affiliates without discrimination. A business with a learning module is an excellent combination and SFI spends a lot of money to build these educational modules for the benefit of its affiliates.

With SFI there are 6 streams of income which are explained very well at the affiliate center. No other online business that I know of gives you such diversity of income earnings. In fact, you could choose the earnings that suit you and only do the things that suit you most. With SFI you are not restrained to a particular kind of earning but have 6 of them. You could chose to have one or all six of them, the choice is entirely yours.

See what I mean, SFI is by far the best online business you could ever choose to do. Sure there may be more online businesses, but with its impeccable track record, SFI is by far the best choice and I don’t know of any such online business as genuine as SFI.SFI has also got an A+ rating for businesses from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Nebraska. If you are still in doubt, you could see what other people around the world are saying about SFI or even better, look for yourself as you have nothing to lose, its anyways FREE to join and you can quit at any time.

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  1. aliya rizwan says:

    want to do online business but do not a single word about it

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