Have You Understood The Plan Well?

h-the_planIf you haven’t understood “The Plan” well, I recommend you do it now, as this opportunity may never come again. Things that you overlook sometimes tend to be very precious to lose and this is certainly one of those. SFI has brought TL positions well within reach and if we go ahead with a definitive purpose, we are sure to get there sooner than later.

Surely, the definitive purpose for those who are not TL’s, is to be TL’s now and how could you achieve this without much to lose and this month itself is depicted in the following manner:

Daily VP3302000Personal Purchase
Group Message120
T Connect20
Sponsor rating10
Goal Setting5
Eager Zebra Games3
Total VP – 3000 (BTL)

Now, this is still not considering the AVP for supporting your EA2/BTL/STL/GTL/PTL and many other AVP’s such as Song of the month, Member Listings, Survey Responses, TC Music, more of Eager Zebra Games etc. This is just one way of going TL while there could be a multitude of ways. If you have this going, you could automatically reduce your Personal Purchases and reach any position you wish for.

Remember, your badges will speak for themselves.

Brian Mario Fernandes.


  1. limame aidara says:

    hello dear sponsor! i’m have intrested for this activity but my probleme is i didint undersatand it well,

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