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This page is dedicated to make you understand the meaning and importance of the word co-op which is elaborated as “co-operative” in which there is a strength of many instead of one to get a better bargain in the world at large, which means to say that there is immense strength in unity. This therefore can also be considered as the easiest way to make money.


You will find many articles on how to make money quick and many a mention of this subject on various forums, but not sufficient light is put on the subject of co-op marketing.

Co-op marketing has been existing since time memorial, but not many do realize this fact and  do not work on it simply because our societies are getting more and more isolated in these fast times that we tend to seek convenience over bonds.


i_global-folkCo-op advertising is a very powerful way of advertising in which more than one person shares the cost of advertising and of course in the resultant benefits that they would otherwise be deprived of due to the high-end advertising costs associated which such a source.

This co-op marketing strategy when used in the SFI business model, has the capacity to deliver wonderful results. The best part is, that you being the co-op leader if you so wish to be, can actually earn from every new affiliate your co-op attracts.


By way of co-oping not only you, but everyone benefits and your business can explode mainly and all can make money quick because you provided a way, a path to your down lines to get their affiliates.

The best part is, creating and maintaining records of the co-op is all done by SFI with the help of high end technology and that reduces immensely the work of affiliates in record keeping, allocating and lead tracking etc.

Therefore, it can be easily said that co-op marketing is the easiest way to make money and also you can make money quick within short duration.

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